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Fabrication of fuel tanks, chemical tanks and water storage tanks.


Smartank - Magnetic Diesel Fuel Polisher

More on how a diesel fuel polisher (conditioner) works
Details on why stored diesel fuel should be periodically cleaned.

Made by the same people who make the fuel tanks.

Smartank - Magnetic Diesel Fuel Polisher

Fully integrated easy to use unit with stainless steel pipework and bonded base to cabinet.

Easy installation
Easy installation - Fix into position, connect the fuel inlet / outlet flanges and 240V mains supply.
10 micron diesel fuel filter
10 micron fuel filter complete with drain valve and hose. Filter 'service' warning via DP (differential pressure) switch and water sensor. Enlarge

Magnetic diesel fuel conditioner
Magnetic conditioner as standard with 'Y' strainer to pump. Enlarge
Compact powdercoated cabinet
All mounted in compact powdercoated cabinet with twin doors and external emergency stop. IP 56 rated
Dimensions: 1w x 0.35d x 0.93h Metres.

50 ltr/min self priming pump
50 litres / minute flow rate using self priming pump. Flow failure warning via flow switch. Enlarge
Mimic panel set into door front and emergency stop.
Mimic panel set into door front and emergency stop. Bulk tank & fire inputs for shutdown in case of low fuel or emergency. Enlarge

'Smart' control Unit for diesel fuel polisher
Diesel fuel polisher 'Smart' control unit giving multi functions, indicators, user friendly 7 day timer and two BMS outputs.

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