2 of 29 – 45,000Litre Generator belly slab fuel tanks completed for data centre job

This is the first two 45,000litre belly slab tanks  as part of an order of 29 that will need to be completed by the end of the year. That’s over 1.3 MILLION LITRES of fuel storage for one data centre!

  Generator Belly Slab Tank   



These tanks are bound for a new data centre where a generator unit will be positioned on top of structurally designed Metcraft belly slab tanks and fitted to the mounting plates and pipe sockets.

The tanks was fitted with fuel alarms, digital gauges, fill point cabinet, fuel polisher pipework. We competed the electrical fit out of the fill point cabinet to minimise site installation.

Do you need a fuel tank, please call 03300 577 577 or email contact@metcraft.co.uk to discuss your  requirements.