Fuel Dispensing Tank & Pump Modules

Our fuel dispensing units are made bespoke to our clients needs. Multiple fuel dispensers and pumps can be included with these units that are suitable for use with diesel, gas oil, petrol, red diesel or AdBlue. Bunded tanks are built to British Standards BS799 part 5 type J or K 2010 standard.

Sizes range from 200 litres to 100,000 litres and are designed and built to your requirements.

Our bunded storage tank is an inner storage tank, externally encased within an outer weatherproof bund to ensure any leakage or nominal overfill situation is safely contained. Each tank is easily transportable as a one-piece unit and reduces costly and time-consuming site work. Metcraft can offer delivery and offloading to any site.

Being a totally self-contained, ready-to-use sealed unit, makes it easily moveable when empty and gives low maintenance as no rainwater can enter the bunded area.

If at a later date a new site for the tank is required it has only to be emptied of contents, cleaned internally, uplifted and transported to its new location.

Tanks are bespoke manufactured  and can come complete with;

  • Fuel Dispensing Units
  • Filling Stations
  • Pump Sets
  • Roller Shutter Door – Multiple sizes available to meet your requirements
  • Fill connection
  • Vent Unit
  • Vent Outlet
  • Level probe sockets
  • Spare sockets
  • Draw line c/w valve
  • Return line socket
  • Gauge
  • Hi/Low/Bund Alarm
  • Lifting Lugs

As standard the tanks are painted with 1 coat of primer and 2 top coats of enamel paint. Minimum Paint thickness – 70Microns – Tanks can be painted to the colour of your choice from the BS4800 and RAL Range.

When you order a tank you will be issued a PDF & DWG technical drawing from our design team of the tank you have ordered showing all additional fittings you have ordered.

Please call us on 03300 577 577 or email us at contact@metcraft.co.uk to discuss your requirements.