Fuel Duty Stand By Pump Sets

Our diesel duty stand by pump sets are made to order and can come as a single unit or duplex, self priming or geared pump sets. We can manufacture drip trays and mounts to your specification as well as providing single and duplex strainers fitted to the set. Please see below for information on the pumps and panels we can supply.

Our Standard Range (CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW):

Self Priming Fuel Pumps Upto 4 Bar

Geared Fuel Pumps Upto 10 Bar

Geared Fuel Pumps Upto 20 Bar

Duplex Stand By Pump Control Panel

Self Priming Pumps 

Self priming pumps are ideal for diesel fuel standy by pump sets. Please see flow rates and data below.

Pump Performance Data 




Self Priming Pump Set Data Sheet:

Dpump50 Dpump70 Dpump90


Diesel Fuel Geared Pumps 

Geared pumps are predominately used when there is a large head pressure, for example to pump fuel up a tall riser within a skyscraper to the generators on the roof of the building. Our pumps can pump multiple fluids including diesel fuel. Please see flow rates below.



GVR BFC - BMF Gear Pump Flow Rate Chart

BCF-BMF Gear Pump Set Data Sheet:




APF Gear Pump Set Data Sheet:


Duplex Stand By Pump Control Panel

The Metcraft Twin Pump Controller is a microprocessor-controlled, duty/standby/assist control panel for use with twin pump sets transferring from a bulk to a day tank,  incorporating tank level controls, bund/seal leakage detection, BMS and fire system interface, using an innovative modular construction.  

The main features include :  

  1. A compact, self-contained microprocessor panel with plug-in connections.    
  2. Automatic pump changeover with alternate starting sequence.  
  3. Auto/off/manual facility for each pump.
  4. Bulk tank level controls with low/low pump protection, giving local LED and sounder indication and a remote alarm signal.  
  5. Day tank level controls with high and low level alarms, giving local LED and sounder indication and a remote alarm signal.  
  6. Building Management Interface (BMS) including fire cut off.  
  7. Standard voltage 240/1/50 (415/3/50 or 110/1/50 available).  
  8. Mounted in an epoxy-coated steel enclosure 400mm x 500mm x 150mm.  


Optional extras include extra volt-free contacts for external equipment, internal RCDs interlocked with pump changeover and an alarm in the event of a pump failure.  For critical systems,  a remote dialler can be fitted which can send a text message to a mobile phone anywhere in world!   


Duplex Controller Data Sheet:


Please call us on 03300 577 577 or email us at contact@metcraft.co.uk to discuss your requirements.