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Fabrication of fuel tanks, chemical tanks and water storage tanks.


MetCraft Tanks

MetCraft are specialist manufacturers of quality tanks and can fabricate virtually any type of tank, simple or sophisticated.

Fuel Dispensing Tank & Pump Modules

Metcraft is one of the originators of the Self Contained Dispensing Tank and Pump Module and we supply most major companies, distributors and installers. Due to our background of manufacturing stainless steel tanks to stringent specifications, you can be assured of a product made to the highest standards
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Second Generation Fuel Tanks

Pollution caused by leaking storage tanks and spillage destroys vegetation and remains in the ground for years, often seeping into groundwater and contaminating rivers and streams. Now, Metcraft have produced a new range of fuel containers designed to meet today's demands for environmental protection.
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Special Tanks & Hoppers

Our extensive facilities enable us to manufacture most types of vessels with associated pipework and steel structures. Double skinned tanks, heating coils, coned bases, treatment tanks, hoppers and special linings are just some of the extras we can provide. A full range of external and internal finishes are also available. We can supply a wide range of pumps, filters, gauges and other ancillary equipment. Metcraft Smartank overfill alarm units available to prevent overfilling of tanks. Larger Image

Stainless Steel Tanks

We have a workshop for Stainless Steel production: Storage Tanks and Ductwork. Stainless Thickness up to 12mm, in 304 and 316. Access ladders, gantries, mounting platforms can also be supplied for complete installations. Larger Image

Waste Oil Collection

These units play a vital role in many organisations, including Local Authorities. Ready to use collection units, with either 2700 or 3400 litre capacities are supplied fully bundled, clean and are easy to use. Naturally we will supply finishing of these units to fully meet your specifications. Larger Image

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