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Fabrication of fuel tanks, chemical tanks and water storage tanks.


Second Generation Fuel Tanks

Pollution caused by leaking storage tanks and spillage destroys vegetation and remains in the ground for years, often seeping into groundwater and contaminating rivers and streams. Now, Metcraft have produced a new range of fuel containers designed to meet today's demands for environmental protection.

Feed and drain valves are fitted with locking facility to prevent unauthorised access. All tanks delivered with two coat protective paint finish, in colour to suit your requirements.

Catch pits also available for existing tanks.

Download Fuel Tank

  • Double skinned
  • Leakage indicator
  • Reinforced construction
  • Rectangular or cylindrical tanks
  • Can be underground (Cylindrical)
  • Space saving design

Fenland Fuel Tank

  • Catch pit capacity 110% of volume
  • Mounted above ground on channels
  • Optional roof facility
  • Easily transportable
  • Minimum foundations

Marshland Fuel Tank

  • Catch pit with water resistant covers
  • Minimum maintenance, no draining needed
  • Gauge, fill and vent totally enclosed
  • Channels mounted - minimum foundations

Fuel Polishing (Conditioning, Scrubbing)
Check our Smartank Diesel Fuel Polishing system and see how it can help with your fuel management strategy.

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